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What are the GEORGIA GAMES Championships?

The Georgia Games Championships are an annual Olympic-style sports competition designed and held for the residents of Georgia.  The Georgia Games are open to Georgians of all ages and skill levels.  From archery to wrestling, this multi-sport event furnishes the competition venues for 50 different sporting events held on over 45 venues.  The Georgia Games has the privilege of being one of the largest State Games program in the United States.

The Georgia Games represents the true spirit of amateur athletics.  For some, this celebration of sport is a stepping stone for following the dream of representing the United States in the Olympic Games.  For others, the Games are a place to compete in a favorite pastime.  Regardless of the age or skill of the athlete, the Georgia Games provide the pure pleasure of competing for the love of sport.

The Georgia Games is more than a sport event; it goes much deeper.  The Games teaches values such as team work and good sportsmanship that are important components of everyday life.  The Games encourages athletes to develop and improve their physical talent and competitive abilities.  Lastly, the ideals of the Games promote physical fitness and encourage Georgians to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise.

What are the Georgia Games?
The Georgia Games is a multi-sport Olympic-style sports festival for the residents of Georgia. An initiative of the Georgia State Games Commission, a non-profit organization, the State Games of Georgia is officially recognized as a United States Olympic Committee State Games Program Participant and is part of a nationwide network of State Games.
Who can compete?

All Georgia residents, college students and military personnel who have lived in the state of Georgia for at least 30 days prior to the day of competition and meet the specific requirements for their sport of interest may compete. Georgia residents attending college or serving in the military in another state are also eligible to compete. Participants in developing individual sports residing close to a neighboring state line may be eligible to compete.

The Georgia Games reserves the right to restrict individuals and/or teams from competing in the Games for the best interest of the event.

When and where will the Georgia Games be held?
The Georgia Games will be held April 15-July 30, 2016 at various venues throughout the Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Area. Check each specific sport page for times and dates of each event.
How do I register?

To enter the Georgia Games, carefully read the information concerning your specific sport of interest.

Go to for details.  Follow the step-by-step registration instructions and submit by entry deadline. Athletes may compete in any number of sports, yet conflicts in scheduling are the responsibility of the athlete.

Do I have to provide proof of age?
While there are no specific age limits for participation proof of age is required. Copies of Birth Certificate, Military I.D. and/or driver’s license are acceptable proof-of-age documents. Do not mail or hand-deliver any proof-of-age documents to the Georgia Games. The coach/participant should have proof-of-age documents on hand at the event site. In case of eligibility disputes, lack of proper documentation may result in disqualification of individual participants and/or team.
What are the registration fees and what is the refund policy?
Each sport has its own entry fee requirements. Consult the appropriate sport section of our website for entry fee amounts.
Refund Policy
• Entry received after maximum numbers of teams or individuals are bracketed.
• Insufficient number of teams or individuals entered.
• Entry received from a non-qualified athlete.
What is the refund policy due to inclement weather?
Sports utilizing outdoor sites are subject to inclement weather. Competitions will be conducted unless Georgia State Games staff declare conditions potentially dangerous or a threat to bodily harm. Due to facility and scheduling conflicts, the Georgia State Games has little or no rain dates. Inclement weather may force changes in the tournament format or number of games each team plays. With few exceptions, games lost due to inclement weather will not be re-scheduled, they will be cancelled. There will be no refunds given if events are cancelled due to weather.
What about returned checks?
It is the Georgia Games’s policy to charge a $30 service fee for returned checks in addition to the amount of the original check. The applicant will only be able to participate when the entry fee and service fee have been paid.
What types of awards are given?
Georgia Games medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each event. Athletes are responsible for pick-up of awards at the venue on the day of the event.  Some sports have addition awards in part from sponsors.
Where / When can I pick up my Georgia Games t-shirt?
T-shirts will be at each sport venue for athlete pickup.  Shirts will not be mailed out.
Can you mail me my award?
Due to the mailing costs and staffing limitations it is not possible to mail out awards to athletes.
What about insurance coverage?
Insurance is the responsibility of each participant. In some instances, the National Governing Body (NGB), which sanctions an event, may have secondary coverage. In the event of an emergency, injury or illness, medical personnel will be contacted. Competition preparation, such as taping, is the responsibility of the participant.
How will medical emergencies be handled?
Emergency medical personnel will be on hand at the event. Please check the medical page for the most up to date information.
What uniform should I wear?
All contestants must comply with uniform requirement of their sport. The Georgia Games reserves the right to disqualify any participant whose uniform is thought to negatively affect the Games.
Do you publish team names in advance?
It is the Georgia Games policy to not release team or divisional information until after the entry deadline. With teams waiting until on or near the deadline to enter, releasing data prior to that day does not provide an accurate picture of the tournament field and serves only to discourage those taking a wait-and-see approach.

All teams are encouraged to take advantage of the early entry discount and enter prior to that deadline, which in turn generates additional interest as teams attract one another. In the rare event that a division does not supply enough teams to warrant a viable tournament, teams will be given the option to move to another division, or be issued a refund. We appreciate the understanding of coaches and parents on this matter and would encourage teams to enter early and trust that there will be adequate competition in all divisions.

Is there a national championship for State Games athletes?
  • Yes, it’s called State Games of America (SGA). Athletes who win a medal in a qualifying sport in the Georgia Games will qualify to participate in the next State Games of America (SGA).
  • The State Games of America is held every two years. The host city for 2017 is Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Athletes and coaches are responsible for knowing, understanding and following the rules, policies, and code of conduct for their sport. Games organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant from competition in the Georgia State Games, for (but not limited to) the following reasons: